In the nineteenth century

The castle had many owners among whom the families Debetz de La Crouzilhe and Bonfils-La Menuze

Several prelates chose their burial there:

Pierre Tizon, Fulk de Bonneval, Francois de La Beraudiere, Jean Macheco de Prémeaux, died at Château l'Evêque, and Pierre Fournier, Bishop of Périgueux, was strangled by his servants on the South Tower staircase on 14 July 1575

It was in the chapel of the castle,

Which had become a parochial church, which a humble priest, whom his charity had caused to be sanctified almost throughout his life among the saints, Vincent de Paul, was ordained a priest on September 23, 1600 by Monseigneur Francois de Bourdeilles. A portrait of the 17th century French school belonging to the owner's collection is shown in the living room.


It is the property of Gérard de Colombières, a direct descendant of the Clément du Mez and Argentan, who gave the First Marshals of France with Alberic and Henri Clement du Mez (12th and 13th centuries)

The castle was owned by Jenny Sacerdote

  The castle was owned by the famous milliner and seamstress Jenny Sacerdote (born Jeanne Bernard), born in 1868 in Périgueux and died in Nice in 1962. Formed by Jeanne Paquin, famous millin ...

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A little history

  "This chateau, formerly the summer residence of the Bishops of Périgueux, is rightly considered one of the most graceful manifestations of Gothic art in Perigord and some scholars consider ...

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