"This chateau, formerly the summer residence of the Bishops of Périgueux, is rightly considered one of the most graceful manifestations of Gothic art in Perigord and some scholars consider it one of the thirty most beautiful castles in the Périgord. It stands proudly on a ridge where the verdure crawls over vast meadows watered by streams and embellished by a pond. He presents to the astonished and then delighted eye a set of buildings, towers and pavilions where strength is combined with elegance, roughness to poetry. "Thus described at the end of the nineteenth century M. Boisserie de Masmontet in his Histoire des Châteaux de France. Let us add that the large number of yew trees, five hundred years old (considered as remarkable) and several hundred-year-old species of trees, make this site a powerful, romantic and singularly endearing site.

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