The park really of the XIXe century,

In spite of all appearances, it was not born of the pencils of Count Georges de Choulot, famous landscape architect of this century, according to the idea promulgated by some and in the absence of documents. It is a constant fact that the park, as well as the entire estate extending over 17 hectares, are presented as strongly inspired by the creations of this landscape gardener: park in the English extended by a woods and walks, pond , A waterway, a 300-meter-long cavalier alley offering a haven of freshness on hot summer days, prospects and flows revealing meadows today dedicated to the use of visitors and formerly to that of a farm agricultural. The setting is set to answer this first idea.

The park has recently been renovated thanks to the care of the current owner who has restored the centuries-old trees such as yews planted in the 16th century or a superb tulip tree brought back from a long journey by a landowner in the 19th century.

A bridge dating from the 17th century spans the old dry moat and leads to a French garden whose carved boxes evoke the places of walks and meditation of the sixteenth century.

Recently, nearly 700 hydrangeas, planted under the guidance of the famous nurseryman Thierry de Ryckel, specialist in hydrangea and author of works (Pépinière de la Thyle, Court-Saint-Etienne, Belgium) next summer.

They are therefore diverse atmospheres, places of reflection and meditation, unexpected atmospheres that surprise the visitors according to their own confession! It is up to you to discover them and to appreciate them if your curiosity prompts you